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Please note that these are worded as if told by an elder, and it can be assumed that anyone born into ThunderClan after these times has heard this version of the story, of a similar variation on it.

Year of Ill Winds (2008)

Year of the Killingcough (2007)

Year of the Markedkit (2006)

The Markedkit was born in the first moon of the year, in a difficult year cursed with four years of winter. She was, fittingly, born into ThunderClan. In excitement of this event, Bloodstar permitted Tangleheart to contact the other medicine cats to verify that the she-kit had truely been born with the star-mark that was prophesied.

The Medicine Cats came together and examined the kit, whose mother had died and was now being nursed with what survived of Cottonwhisker's litter. They proclaimed her to be the kit of prophecy and each returned to their clans. As soon as the moon came into fullness Bloodstar announced the fulfillment of the prophecy at the paws of ThunderClan to all the clans. Full of arrogance, Ashstar declared that our camp was not safe and that the Markedkit should come to be raised with RiverClan in the rabbit warren they cower in. Bloodstar lost control of himself in his desire to protect his daughter, and attacked Ashstar. Tangleheart saw fit to dive into the fray, clawing at Bloodstar as if she were a trained warrior. The moon was bathed in a blood-red glow, a symbol not seen before and not seen since of StarClan's displeasure.

That night Ashstar lost a life. ThunderClan lost a Medicine Cat.

We lived for some time without a medicine cat. Long enough for infection to set into the clawmarks that Ashstar had put in Bloodstar's underside and see him give up a life for his transgression. This was when ShadowClan's medicine cat, Crestedback, finished training Sagepelt and came to ThunderClan to train Bigpaw.

StarClan always watches over us, but sometimes they cannot make things happen. Instead they wait for something to happen that they can take hold of and use to direct us. They did this with the Markedkit prophecy. When Markedkit was 4 moons old Bloodstar finally gave into pressures by the other clan leaders to give her exposure to more than just ThunderClan. He brought many cats, including Cottonwhisker, to the gathering, but it was not enough. A pair of Twolegs arrived, riding one of the little monsters that they sit on top of. Bloodstar tried to fight the monster, but it was not enough. The creature batted him aside as if he was nothing, leaving him dead. The twolegs scooped up Markedkit and Cottonwhisker. Cottonwhisker fought her way free, one of her legs coming completely from the socket in the melee. Markedkit was not so lucky. She was carried away by the twolegs.

Markedkit, called Goldy by the two-legs who captured her, spent the better part of a moon confined. There she came to know Kaul, Scrape, and Ambergaze. It was her friendship with Ambergaze that ultimatly led to her rescue when her siblings, Stormkit and Kestrelkit, decided that sneaking out of camp to seek out their sister was the best course of action. By sheer dumb luck the two kits made it all the way to the border. There they met Socrates, who then took them to meet Ambergaze, who lived in the house that had taken Markedkit. Socrates left the kits with Ambergaze, who promised to see them back to a patrol, and promised the two kits that he would have their sister ready to meet them at the border by the full moon.

Much to Cottonwhisker's displeasure, Bloodstar's response to the kit's outing was to apprentice them off, so that they could be better supervised and kept out of trouble. Despite being only 5 moons old. Bloodstar also bent to Crestedback's insistence that all 4 clans must be present for Markedkit's rescue because they had been there for her Kitnapping. Crestedback used his connection to the other medicine cats, and his knowledge through prophecy that things would succeed (for too many of the Kits details matched things known to them through StarClan's Prophecy after Markedkit's kitnapping).

In the end a small group set out from Fourtrees, and met with Ambergaze and the newly liberated Markedkit at the border. With that, the Markedkit was returned home, and the Clans promised peace for the season of Greenleaf, so that all could rest and recover.