Clan-Mothers Knee/Truce Violations

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The traditional truce held every full moon at the gathering of the four clans is something sacred to the cats of the four clans. While it is held in remembrance of the First Gathering that ever was the truce is occasionally broken. These moments of broken truce ring strongly in the minds of all cats, even those who do not bear witness to them.

The Death of Doublestar

WindClan leader Doublestar, still feeling the sting of betrayal at the paws of his former deputy Leopardtrack, arrived at the gathering demanding that Whitestar of ShadowClan cast out Silverheart (the she cat with whom Leopardtrack had fraternized with). While Doublestar and Whitestar bristle at each other, all the gathered cats feel the growing violence and grow apprehensive except Bloodstar.
The announcements by the leaders go poorly and in an effort to avoid the tensions even Bloodstar, who had been condescending towards the tensions between Whitestar and Doublestar, decides that ending the gathering quickly is for the best. Doublestar snaps as he watches Bloodstar leave, and dives on him from the top of the Highrock. The fight that commences is violent and Bloodstar ends it in kind by slaying his opponent.
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The Killing of Ashstar

Bloodstar announces at the gathering that the Markedkit Prophecy has been fulfilled and the kit with the star marking has been born in ThunderClan. Ashstar, the leader of RiverClan, accepts the statement by his rival, but states that the kit should be given to RiverClan once it is weaned because their camp is better protected, lying in an old Rabbit Warren.
Bloodstar denies Ashstar's claim on the kit, and the two begin a heated discussion. As the argument heats tempers rise and Bloodstar reaches a breaking point, launching himself at the much smaller RiverClan leader. Chaos prevails and battles break out all across the gathering. Tangleheart, the ThunderClan Medicine Cat, goes so far as to attack Bloodstar.
When calm descends again it is to Bloodstar renaming his Medicine Cat Stoneheart while Ashstar lies dying. He then casts the she-cat from his clan and the chaotic gathering comes to an end.
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The Birth of War

While the exact details of who was killed and who did the killing are lost time (every clan has at least one story attributing it to a cat belonging to each of the other clans) that fateful gathering night in the Moon of First White (2001) was the catalyst for the war that would rage for five years until the Moon of the Markedkit.
The majority of stories told identify the victim as a Medicine Cat or Medicine Cat's Apprentice. The Murderer is rarely identified by more than a clan, as the deed was done during a Moondark that blacked out the entire clearing.