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This announcement was originally made on Mon Mar 31, 2008 1:13 pm on the Original CoSC site. It was updated on 4 August 2008 to fit the rules as they'll stand on this version of the website but received a second, more complete overhaul on 20 July 2009 to document more clearly a number of related subjects.

What is a Short Description?

A short description is a brief sentence designed to sum up a character's appearance completely (occasionally important and/or widely known personality elements are included). They are assigned by an Administrator (never by the player creating the character) based on the originally approved appearance for the character.

Why do we have Short Descriptions?

Short descriptions were originally added to CoSC because a player asked Kitsufox if they could make their brown mackerel tabby into a gray spotted tabby when it matured. The Sdesc system was created to create a non-editable version that boils down the essence of a character and permanently records it so that players less scrupulous than the one who asked would be thwarted with a permanent record.

How do Short Descriptions Work?

Within about 24 hours of the approval of your character an Administrator will add a short description to a sub-page of your character (The file is named Character:<Name>/sdesc). This description then stays with your character for the rest of it's life. The page is protected so only the Admins can edit it.

How do I get my Short Description Updated?

Short descriptions can be updated by request. You simply visit your short description's page (go to the character sheet, and then add “/sdesc” at the end of the URL in the URL bar of your web browser), then click the word “Discussion” along the top of the page to visit the talk page of the short description. Write out a polite request to have it changed that includes what you would like it changed to and an administrator will review your request.

Rules for Requests

  • The Admins will accept only requests that are deemed reasonable changes.
  • Randomly appearing scars without Role Play or a Canon Accepted Story to back them up will never be accepted.
  • Additions of significant markings will only be accepted on characters under 12 moons of age who have not had pixels made via the Character Imagery Project.