Eastern Gray Squirrel

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Noimage.png Eastern Gray Squirrel
Cat Given Name: Squirrel
Common Name(s): Red Squirrel,  Eastern Gray Squirrel
Other Name(s): Cat Squirrel,  Migratory Squirrel
Scientific Name(s): Tamiasciurus hudsonicus,  Sciurus carolinensis
Physical Description: A large bodied rodent with pointed ears and powerful back legs and a fluffy tail. They usually have gray fur, but they can have red, black and white fur as well. Their belly is white.
Physical Statistics: Length: 15 - 20 inches (38 - 52 Centimeters)
Weight: 11-26 oz (338-750 grams)
Behavior: Squirrels build their nests in trees. During winter, Squirrels will gather nuts to cache. Older squirrels will spend more time in the trees, but younger ones will spend a lot of time exploring their territory on the ground.
Social Organization: Eastern Gray Squirrels live alone except for when raising their young. While mating, the males will chase females.
Approval Level*: None; Squirrels are common in the forest.
Kill Difficulty: Moderate; Squirrels have sharp teeth that they will use when cornered.
Hunting Difficulty: Advanced; Squirrels are fast, very alert, and can let out a cry that will send prey into hiding for hours.
Food Quality: High; Squirrels are large and delicious, due to their protein heavy diet.
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