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These requirements are expected to be met by all members of the staff. These responsibilities are expected to be met but do not have a direct tie into a specific rank. Each section outlines expected performance as a staff member.

General Conduit

The Members of our staff are expected to acquit themselves in a mature and responsible manner, making themselves approachable and interacting with the general population of the game in a fair and unbiased manner. Staff Members are expected to be familiar with rules, rules updates, and carry themselves within those rules so that they can be enforced not only by the staff member but by that staff member's example.

Enforcement & Punishments

Players who fail to participate in the required staff activities will be warned during the second RL Month they fall short. By the third month the admin team will become concerned and a dialog to resolve the issue will be opened, so that an action play for the situation (that may include surrender/confiscation of the ranked characters and loss of staff position) will be devised.

Staff Forum Participation

Kitsu's Monthly Involvement Drive [KMID]

KMID started as a way to drive involvement of staff, but has evolved into a way in which Kitsu can demand participation in a thread from all staffers. Any thread marked with the letters 'KMID' are to be responded to by all staff members, even if they cannot make a contributive statement they must indicate they have considered the issue.


While a number of discussions will not be marked as KMID status, it is best if a staffer is participating in discussions without being forced. The level of Involvement a staffer maintains with the leadership of the game might lead to promotions, places as important plot NPCs or the like. Staffers who do not remain active may find themselves in a position where their staff character must retire and they end up being forced into retirement from the staff because of this.


Any thread discussing an addition to the staff will not be marked KMID, but much like KMID every member of the staff is expected to make a response of some sort, even if it's just stating that they have no major opinions on the sheet and are passing on becoming involved with the matter. Additions to staff effect every other staffer, and are longterm changes. There is no easy way to remove a staff member, thus the involvement of all current staff is needed to help ensure that only the best and most suited candidates are permitted to join the staff.