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An LOA Announcement Template for Userpages. When posting this template on your userpage, make sure it is at the top and you put the letters LOA in the edit description.




type - Full, Partial, or Varied; select the one that best describes the type of LOA you will be taking.
start - DD MONTH YYYY -or- DD MONTH YYYY @ TIME Timezone; Enter the Date, or date & time combination for the start of your LOA.
reason - (OPTIONAL) Enter a reason for the LOA.
approved - LEAVE BLANK, an Admin will come through and approve the LOA or remove the notice if it is denied.


If the start or end of your LOA is unknown, leave blank, but make sure to PM Kitsufox via the forum with a detailed explanation or your LOA will not be approved.


LOA Has Gone on a Varied LOA

They intend to be gone from Unknown until Unknown.
This LOA has not yet been approved by an Admin.

Players on LOA

Fae~o~the~Wind,  Fae~o~the~Wind