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This page refers to the current CoSC characters played by Willow. Her previous characters have been moved to the Archive page.


Original Characters

  • Dawnstar: Dawnstar was created by Willow after an extended absence from CoSC. While she wasn't originally inclined to create a WindClan cat to fill in the deputy spot, she was eventually convinced to do so.
  • Silverdust: Silverdust was created as Willow's Created Elder Character, her fourth character.

IC Litter Kits

  • Crowpaw: Crowfur and Newheart's sole kit, Willow created Crowkit as an unborn kit to continue the lineage of two cats who went from bitter distrust to friendship and affection, and to see how a cat with half-WindClan blood would live in RiverClan.
  • Smokedrift: Rosestorm and Oakclaw's offspring, Willow created Smokedrift, then Ashkit, as an unborn kit to play a new role in their forbidden relationship.

Character Trivia


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  • When the player of Doublestar and Leopardtrack left the game, WindClan was left leaderless. The staff decided the deputy Blackwater would become leader, but there was need of a new deputy. The open position led Willow to try out with a new character, and thus was Dawnfire born.
  • At Dawnfire's creation, Willow decided it would be interesting if she had blood ties to the WindClan ranked positions. Half-sister to Blackstar and Thornpelt both, she created new family ties in WindClan.
  • Dawnfire is intensely political, and strictly abides by hierarchical ideas. The structure of the clans provided a good background for her personality, therefore showing the feudal nature of the clans.
  • Dawnfire's plans for the future include outliving her brother Blackstar; she is already grooming her own inner circle of clanmates for that eventuality.
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  • Smokepaw's personality was loosely based on the rebellious personalities of both Rosestorm and Oakclaw. The difference in perspectives relative to his parents (mainly due to authority figures) allows Willow to add a humorous twist to his upbringing.
  • His kit name (Ashkit), both IC and OOCly, came from the defunct RiverClan leader Ashstar. However, Smokepaw has no knowledge of it - to the extent of his knowledge, he was named after the ThunderClan deputy Ashfur.
  • Smokedrift's appearance, as several others of his aspects, is a mix of his blood family. He has the stocky build and tabby pattern of Oakclaw, Blizzardfury's fur and coloring and Rosestorm's eyes.
  • In character, ThunderClan believes Slateshadow to be his sire. With Slateshadow's death at Oakclaw's paws the day before the birth of the litter (thread), Smokedrift never knew his presumed sire.
  • In regards to characters other than those listed in his character sheet, Smokedrift is:



  • Crowkit - After her sire Crowfur, and her coloring reminiscent of an European starling.


  • Lilykit and Lilypaw - An unfit name for the character's personality, picked by Willow for the contrast with her adult name.
  • Dawnfire - For her coloring and temper, and after her sire Midnightsky.
  • Dawnstar - New beginnings, but keeping with cycles. Still keeping in line with Midnightsky.


  • Silverkit and Silverpaw - For her gray fur.
  • Silverdust - After the saying ashes to ashes, dust to dust, due to the badger attack that mauled her.


  • Ashkit - Named after Ashstar, past RiverClan leader.
  • Smokepaw - Through Ashkit, also linked to the concept of fire, but to the start of it, rather than its end.
  • Smokedrift - Both for his looks and movements.

Genetics and Traits Computation

According to their genes and traits, Willow's PC characters can be grouped as follows:

Total Characters: 0



No Tom Cats
No She-Cats

Build type:

No Cobby Built Cats
No Semi-cobby Built Cats
No Commonly Built Cats
No Semi-foreign Built Cats
No Foreign Built Cats


No Very Large Sized Cats
No Large Sized Cats
No Medium-large Sized Cats
No Medium Sized Cats
No Medium-small Sized Cats
No Small Sized Cats
No Very Small Sized Cats

Fur Length:

No Long Furred Cats
No Mid Furred Cats
No Short Furred Cats

Albino variants:

No Full Color Cats
No Pointed Cats
No Burmese Cats
No Tonkinese Cats

Fur color:

No Albino Based Cats
No Black Based Cats
No Brown Based Cats
No Cream Based Cats
No Dilute Tortie Based Cats
No Gray Based Cats
No Red Based Cats
No Tan Based Cats
No Tortie Based Cats
No White Based Cats

Eye color:

No Amber Eyed Cats
No Aqua Eyed Cats
No Blue Eyed Cats
No Copper Eyed Cats
No Gray Eyed Cats
No Green Eyed Cats
No Lime Eyed Cats
No Odd Eyed Cats
No Orange Eyed Cats
No Pink Eyed Cats
No Yellow Eyed Cats


No Bicolor Cats
No Self Cats


Tabby Cats
Non-tabby Cats

Tabby Patterns:

No Mackerel Tabby Cats
No Classic Tabby Cats
No Spotted Tabby Cats
No Ticked Tabby Cats
No Other Tabby Cats


No Fierceblooded Cats
No Warborn Cats