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Caligula's Cabal
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Caligula must trust everyone he's allowing at his side, so there is no room for treason. If you want to join, simply start a thread intending your desire to meet Caligula. If you'd like to contact me, you can reach me via PM Thorn.

Caligula's Cabal are a Player Character Group that was founded In Character by Caligula, who has seen fit to broaden his views towards the forest and create a territory of his own. The more members that join alongside him, the more power he believes he has.


Should the intentions of the Cabal conflict too great with the fate of the Clan Cats (eg. Wanting to remove them off the face of the earth) then this group, and all members, will be terminated for the good of the site. Please be aware that your cat could be at risk should Caligula get too power hungry.



Details on Caligula's Cabal's territory will be forthcoming soon.


Cats of the Cabal have many prey items at their disposal. Different training tactics are used with different types of prey. Birds, rodents, fish, and small reptiles are found throughout Caligula's territory.



For all incoming recruits, Caligula expects all cats to show him proper respect. A cat who does not show the proper mannerisms towards his throne will most likely be overlooked in joining the Cabal, despite his or her strengths. Size, age, and experience doesn't matter, although Caligula prefers life trained cats who have ambition to better themselves by becoming more educated and stronger through him. Without passion, a cat cannot become the best in anything.


As they've only been established recently, the Cabal is still a rag-tag group. Thus far, the only cat to have been born into the Cabal is Andromeda; otherwise, they were recruited by Caligula. By chance (or, perhaps, fate), the dominant eye color is green or greenish. The exceptions are Caligula and Drusilla, who both have odd-colored eyes, and Andromeda, who has aqua ones.

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Members of Caligula's Cabal
Home to 8 cats, of which 3 are Male and 5 are Female.
Rank - - Character - Short Description
Caesar : Caligula - A large, muscular silver tabby tom with one dark blue eye and one pale blue eye
General : Zane - A black bicolor tom with only a single white mark on this throat and green eyes
Heir :
Luminary :
Lieutenants : Drusilla - A tall, tailless sable she-cat with one yellow eye, one green eye, and white toes
Centurions : Paladin - A longhaired gray tabby tom with a white forepaw and green eyes
Mintaka - A stocky, shorthaired she-cat with brown ticked tabby fur and white markings
Tab - A small black cat with dark green eyes
Jade - A sizable bronze Egyptian Mau queen with lime eyes wearing a red collar with a medallion
Matrons :
Wards : Andromeda - A mink tabby bicolor she-kit with medium length fur & aqua eyes
Kits :


These are detailed descriptions of the various areas located within Caligula's Cabal Territory.

The highest level headers are the forums that exist, and the lower level headers are areas within.


Camp Map Coming Soon

Caligula's Camp


Geography: A small clearing in the northernmost portion of East Wood.

Description: Housing the residencies of the Cabal, Caligula's camp is a small clearing backed by the East Wood. The entrance to the wood is grassy and rocky, providing natural cover for the Cabal. Dens are made of a mixture of branches, grass, and earth which include separate residences for the Caesar, Luminary, Centurions, Wards, Matrons and kits, and Retired Officers. A small pile of prey is located alongside Caesar's den, which is a large, elaborate den lined with shiny rocks from the River.

Caligula's Territory

North Thicket

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Geography: A small, thick thicket located at the most northwestern point of the territory, just west of the Boathouse Wood.

Description: A small, dense thicket filled with leafy foliage. It consists mostly of small trees and large bushes, although smaller thorn bushes dot the inner portion of the thicket, making it a perfect place to find small mammals and ground birds.

RiverClan Border

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Geography: Along the northernmost curve of the Cabal's territory that separates Riverclan from Cabal.

Description: Not much of the way of foliage is distinguishable between the two borders except the heavy scent of the Cabal (A wary distance away from the border to Riverclan).


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Geography: An abandoned boathouse that belongs to the old couple located along the river's edge midway into Caligula's territory.

Description: A large boathouse hat has been left to the elements due to the fact that the old couple who owes the boathouse can't keep its upkeep. Two medium sized boats rest inside the boathouse, one hardly more than a frame.

Boathouse Wood

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Geography: A small, although thick wood that encompasses the northern side of the boathouse.

Description: Linked with the ivy encircling the northern wall of the boathouse, the Boathouse Wood encompasses a small area, filled with mostly leafy plants including trees and bushes. A mossy undergrowth blankets the portion near the banks of the River.

Caligula's Crossing

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Geography: A series of stepping stones linking the eat side of Caligula's territory to the west side.

Description: A series of stepping stones arranged randomly by size. The rocks themselves are smooth, with only a little bit of moss covering that provides easy access to both shores.

Herb Garden

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Geography: A large garden that has overgrown outside of its rocky boundaries located behind the house that belongs to an old couple that rarely ventures outside.

Description: A herb garden that has been left to the elements. It is large, but only due to the fact of overgrowth from lack of upkeep. It provides many useful remedies for sickness and injury, including such herbs as Basil, Thyme, Burdock, Catnip, Goldenrod, Tansy, Chamomile, and Poppy.

West Wood

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Geography: A large, narrow woodland area that comprises the Training Lea. It is in the southwestern portion of the territory.

Description: A large woodland with dense plat growth. The trees dominating this portion of territory is of all ages, with mostly younger trees in the north and older trees in the south of maple, oak, and elder.

East Wood

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Geography: A large woodland area that comprises the Cabal Camp. It is in the southeastern portion of the territory just north of the road.

Description: A large area of woodland comprised of many trees that have reached a great age. Older than West Wood, its dominated by oak, elder, and the occasional pine and yew along the road.

Northern Timberland

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Geography: A small woodland with dotted plant growth located along the northeastern portion of the territory north of East Range.

Description: A grassy expanse dotted with portions of tall plant growth. The trees in this area are a medium age, mostly by beech trees and younger oak as well as a couple evergreen.

Twisting Trees

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Geography: Two large Ash Trees located north of the camp and right along the water's edge, just west of East Range.

Description: Massive twin ash trees that grew from separate root systems that have grown together over the years. Their roots are knotted above ground and has forced both trees to grow together in a intricate knot work of tree. A family of woodpeckers live there.

East Range

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Geography: A large grassy expanse south that encompasses the Northern Timberland on the east side of Cabal territory.

Description: A massive area of slightly hilly ground. The entire area is grassy and rolling, filled with a few rotting stumps that houses many prey creatures.

West Range

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Geography: A small grassy space south of East Wood and north of the road.

Description: A smaller grassy area just south of West Wood filled mostly with tall, greenish golden grasses that would tower over any kit who dare venture forth.

South Range

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Geography: A large expanse south of East Wood and north of the road at the very southernmost tip of the territory.

Description: Without any trees, South Range is excessively grassy space. The ground is flat with little coverage besides the grass. Clumps of moss and lichen cover portions of the ground where grass doesn't grow and a small outcrop of rocks outline the corner where the river meets the road.

Training Lea

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Geography: A grassy clearing in the middle of West Wood along the river bank.

Description: A large, grassy clearing nestled just before the West Wood. The trees that surround it are dominated by maple and oak trees, although a couple of sycamore saplings line the border.


The Empire of Caligula was founded recently, by Caligula himself.

Useful History Links

Later that same day, in the thread, "Paladin to Centurion", Paladin is formally inducted to the Cabal as a Centurion.
More Coming Soon

Leader's Reigns

The Empire of Caligula

Established 14th Day in the Moon of Long Sun (2008)
In this thread, "Danger Afoot", Caligula recruits the banished ThunderClanner Swiftsparrow and renames her Drusilla.