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Cats of Camelot
Cats of Rank
Character Creation
CoC Members must join the group IC. Pendragon only accepts petitioners durring sessions of his court. If there is not a session of court thread open, contact Kitsufox to request one.

The Cats of Camelot are a Player Character Group that was founded In Character by Pendragon, who has declared himself the King of the organization. His delusions about his place in the Matter of Britain Legends are the results of the tale his blind owner spun with him standing at the center.



Details on Cats of Camelot's territory will be forthcoming soon.


The Cats of Camelot do not, generally speaking, depend on hunting for food. They instead hunt for sport, as a social activity. Cats of Camelot who do not have human servants are urged to aquire them as quickly as possible, to provide proper nutrition and access to food so that hunting can be what it should be: A social activity kept to by the nobility.

Songbirds, rodents and the like are common prey. The very valiant amongst them might very well hunt more dangerous prey, but these activities are undertaken with care and caution.



A description of the character of Cats of Camelot's cats will be forthcoming soon.


A discussion of the common physical traits of Cats of Camelot's cats will be forthcoming soon.

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Members of the Cats of Camelot
Home to 12 cats, of which 7 are Male and 5 are Female.
Rank - - Character - Short Description
King : Pendragon - A chocolate classic tabby tom wearing a blue and gold collar
Queen : Valiant - A reddish-brown she-cat with green eyes and a slim build
Crowned Heir : Arthur - A dark brown classic tabby tom
Crown Consort :
Prince(s) : Cearnaigh - A night-black tom
Gareth - A dusky brown tabby tomkit with a warm tone to his coat [Eyes will mature to a bright blue-green]
Princess(es) : Ceridwen - A brown classic tabby she-kit with a rusty cast to her coat
Kelia - A sleek brown classic tabby she-cat [Eyes will mature to a bright green]
Lords : Aslan - A Savannah cat with the look of a wild serval more so than that of a domestic cat
Ladies :
Knights : Theophrastus - A fawn Abyssinian tom with golden-brown eyes
Plato - A young purebreed Abyssinian tom with gray fur and dark yellow eyes
Dames : Seraphina - A bronze Egyptian Mau she-cat wearing a black collar
Serendipity - A longhaired black and white she-cat with gray-green eyes
Squires :
Pages :
Kits :

Cats Who Pay Homage to Camelot
The cats on this list are not members of the knighthood, but they do acknowledge Pendragon as King & have sworn fealty to him.
Navati - A black bicolor she-cat with lime eyes who wears a blue collar complete with a bell
Maelstrom - A large, longhaired silver blue tabby she-cat with golden-green eyes
Sophie - A silver American Shorthair she-cat with dark green eyes
Socrates - An aging purebreed sorrel Abyssinian tom with dark gold eyes
Allister - A green-eyed Maine Coon tom with an upbeat personality
Berry - A gray classic tabby tom bicolor with yellow eyes

Cats Who Pay Homage to Camelot But Live Off Camera
Cats who live away from Camelot cannot hold a position in the peerage, but may have in the past
(and would be eligible to resume their former rank if they returned)
Paris - A black bi-color she-cat with lime eyes and a purple collar


These are detailed descriptions of the various areas located within the Kingdom of Camelot.

The highest level headers are the forums that exist, and the lower level headers are areas within.

Court Map Coming Soon


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Cats of Camelot is a part of the world of the CoSC game. Further information will be coming soon.

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The Kingdom of Camelot was founded by Pendragon in an effort to fulfill his belief that he is ordained by God to restore the light of Camelot to the world.

Leader's Reigns

The Reign of Pendragon I

Ended: Currently ongoing
Official Royal Titles: His royal majesty King Pendragon, the first of his name, Son of Benewick who was third of his name and who was in turn the son of Siege Perilous, Scions of the royal blood of the cats of camelot, so honored by King Uther in the days of yore
Major Happenings:
  • More Coming Soon
  • Knighted Plato, who squired to King Pendragon
  • Accepted the transfer of Valiant from another kingdom into his as a Dame
  • Honored Socrates, Sire of Sir Plato and Squire Theophrastus with a Lordship & Fief Whitehart
  • Honred Dame Valiant to the rank of Lady
  • Was Betrothed to Lady Valiant
  • Was Married to Lady Valiant (who became Queen Valiant)
  • Queen Valiant became pregnant
  • Aslan was accepted as a Squire
  • Queen Valiant's Litter was born
  • Queen Valiant's Litter was Christened
  • Aslan was Knighted
  • Aslan was Lorded