Al Clawpone

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Al Clawpone
A Non-Player Character belonging to Unknown


Member of Clawpone's Gang
A Tom by Unknown Tom out of Unknown QueenBorn and dubbed Allen in the Moon of Melting Waters (2004)* Died in a Battle in the Moon of First Fishing (2008)
Dead at the age of 53 moons (4 years & 1 month)
and has been so for 17 moons (1 year & 4 months).
Short Description :
An amber eyed brown tabby tom with a bent jaw and tattered ears
Long Description :
Clawpone is a large, long-furred tom built on the stocky side with a thick, fluffy coat that makes him appear even larger. Under than thick coat, he is stocky because he has muscle, not fat. His coat is a rich brown in color with mackerel stripes decorating it with a lighter colored throat and pale underside. His pelt is thick and fluffy and has its fair share of mats and burrs but it adds to the feral cat appearance he carries. An injury to his jaw as a youngster has left him with a snaggle-toothed appearance but that only adds to his appearance. His ears are tufted and are ragged and scarred, torn from various battles he's had in the past over mates and territories. The last feature are his amber eyes which he keeps behind a carefully closed expression.
Clawpone is a very self-assured tom, confident in his abilities and the direction he wants to take with them. He leads himself and whoever wants to follow him, and is willing to fight to lead rather than follow someone else. This aggressive personality trait has put him into more scraps than he can remember and his victory in such has led to him having such assurance about himself. To those he considers companions, however, he does have a loyal side to him and he is willing to fight for them, but those cats are few and far between.
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Full History :
Al Clawpone was born to a maine coon mother and father under the name Allen. He grew up as most pure bred kits, with his brothers and sisters in a house with humans. His life was fine until the humans decided to sell him to a family who showed Maine Coons. He was uplifted from his happy life and plopped into a home where he didn't exactly get along the best with the tom already occupying the residence and the two often clashed, with Tom being the victor more often than that.

Al didn't like being poked, stretched, or teased in the show ring and his humans eventually gave up trying to get a title for him and settled for him just being a pet until the summer of his second year. That year there was a flood and his humans got out but were unable to get back to him in time.

It was then he found himself on his own and was eventually befriended several of the alley cats in the area. He was a quick study and was soon prowling the alleys like he was born one of them. Soon the need to have his own gang put him at odds with the leader of the group he had currently been hanging with and so he decided to set off for his own to find a new territory for his own group. During his search, he came across a young she-cat by the name of Zephyr. Having had the alley cats around, he found the need for companionship to be strong and invited her to join him in his wanderings. She accepted and they found their way to Whitehart.

As he learned of the area, Al came across several other cats- a young tom named Kestrel whom he took under his wing and began to mentor towards being a decent leader, a young she-cat by the name of Skeeter, and an older she-cat by the name of Cassiopeia. As the small group slowly formed and grew to know each other better, they found a barn that Al deemed perfect as a place to call home and set up shop. Setting his eyes on it, he took note that there were resident cats there as well. Now, he is preparing to take over the barn and is willing to offer the residents the choice to join his group, leave the barn, or die.
Sire :
Unknown Tom (A NPC character of no consequence)
Dame :
Unknown Queen (A NPC character of no consequence)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Al Clawpone Unknown Tom Unspecified Tom
Unspecified Queen
Unknown Queen Unspecified Tom
Unspecified Queen
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Al Clawpone
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