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A Tom by Sebastien III out of SyraBorn but not named in the Moon of Melting Waters (2006)
Living at the age of 43 Moons (3 years & 4 months)
Short Description :
A large, muscular silver tabby tom with one dark blue eye and one pale blue eye
Long Description :
Caligula is a large framed, solidly muscled silver tabby tomcat. His pelt is thick, almost luxurious- but coarse, meant for protection rather than feeling good. His tail is long and bushy, and faded at the tip. He is shaggy, especially around the belly area. His eyes are different colors, his right eye being a darker blue than his left, which is an ice blue, nearly white. He has a large head, with a thick neck and sloping shoulders. Both of his ears has pale silver tufts, and bares a white mane around his neck. Despite living outdoors most of his life, Caligula doesn't bare many scars. The only one is a shallow cut vertically across his chest that is hidden by his pelt.
Caligula likes to maintain control when socializing with others at all times, for it is then easier for him to try and turn the situation into his favor. His voice itself is a smooth draw, almost a purr when he wants something, especially when he's talking to younger individuals, those he thinks can be easily manipulated. Caligula is also driven to good humor at the slightest stroke of his ego, at times a single compliment can determine his mood.

Caligula isn't shy about raising his voice to certain individuals. The law of power and trust requires the gaining of said traits and has often masked his hideous intentions into a public friendly visage. He loves the attention, and is truthfully very social towards others. Using his figure and voice, he expresses his ideologies with confidence. As much as the tom enjoys a moment alone himself, his real passion is dealing with cats. They interest him, as well of the multiples of thoughtful and sadistic ideas that go along with his curiosity that inhabits his mind. Towards the public eye, he dons an almost welcoming expression. His tongue can have a mind of its own, not entirely witty, but all and all he knows how to hold a conversation. Of course, he might think himself rather sly, but that is up to the beholder. He might hold a steady, unwavering smile, but such a false act could just as easily transform into something sinister, something far more malicious whilst in the company this tomcat.

Saying Caligula is completely sane wouldn't be the truth. He's got a tendency to be very restless - the sort of need for movement and activity and anything to do that sees him fidget and grow a tad irritable if things are too quiescent for his tastes. Sanity isn't the issue. His lifestyle is everything to him, but in its perfection, he has always craved something more. Without passion, he reasons, he would be just like the others, stony and lacking the most necessary thing in molding others to do their bidding; a sharpened wit and strength that would only naturally draw life towards him. Power speaks to Caligula in many languages, each with a slightly different tongue, as long as he can appease them, a stretching smile will curve the contours of his maw.
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Full History :
Sebastien III was a prized Maine Coon who delighted in touring his estates and winning gold for his Mistress, who he loved dearly, while his mother was a Rag Doll mix off the streets. There meeting was strictly fate when Syra came upon the male one day in her roving, and a spark was shared between them. They knew they had a connection and met in secret for fear that his Mistress would find out, but stress overpowered Sebastien until he could no longer take the risk. One day at a show he didn't come back; he was taken on tour and moved out suddenly with his Mistress for greener pastures.

Syra was left jaded for her mates life and heavy with kit. She gave birth to Caligula as well as a stillborn kit whom she didn't name. He was raised with a careful paw and under an ever watchful eye, he was taught how to hunt and learned to live without the care and protection of their kind or humans. He was out with his mother one day when he was spotted by a human family, who trapped him into a ditch and picked him up off the side of the road. He was taken home to an unfamiliar surrounding; and he found their smell to be especially noxious to his nose. After being used to living outdoors, he became restless inside, and was very fearful of his surroundings. He lived with them a few months, slowly adjusting, until a small house fire in the kitchen escalated and roared to life around him. The others of the house got out safely, but he witnessed them leaving without him, and the trust he was developing towards them instantly fell through. He wouldn't have made it out alive if it wasn't for a gap in the corner of the window and he immediately set out to search for his mother.

It was a cruel fate that plagued him when he was captured and sent to a kennel where he met strange faces, both cats and dogs, who snarled viciously at him at a single glance. There, he saw that his mother was also in the kennel. The neighborhood had just passed a law that cracked down on the amount of strays. He made a brief connection with her, but the next few days she began to get reclusive and tried to shield herself away from her son's cries for attention. Syra knew that she didn't have much time left and wanted to leave her son with a final lesson to live on his own. That night, her cell was opened and she was taken into the back room. Caligula never saw her again. His appearance drew in many eyes searching for those trying to adopt, and it wasn't long before he was given a new home. But Caligula was a changed cat, something snapped in him as he watched his mother's cold eyes as she was taken away, something he never recovered from.

He acted completely calm on the ride home, so much so that he was allowed to be held by one of the younger children. When the car door was opened, he used t as an opportunity to escape, but it didn't end well for the child. Unleashing much of his hatred and anger upon the boy, he used his fangs and claws to scratch and bite at the boy's arms and hands. Covered in blood he used that advantage to jump out of the boy's hold and fled into the foliage, his presence forgotten by the humans as they rushed their child to the hospital.

It had been a few moons in solitude surveying this new land before him. Feeling the urge to rally others like him, he began getting familiar with some of the scent markers around densely feline populated areas. He first encounter Drusilla when she was exiled from Thunderclan, renaming her in the process. After exchanging some information, he knew she would be a valuable aspect to dive deeper into knowing about clan life. After she was tracked down and attacked, Caligula bravely fought back, allowing the she-cat to escape and wound one of their assailants. With their new bond, he introduced the long term idea of the Cabal. Others soon followed in his footsteps, joining his Cabal and eager to make an Empire for himself.
Sire :
Sebastien III (A frost silver mackerel tabby bicolor Maine Coon tom)
Dame :
Syra (A blue-eyed silver flame point bicolor she-cat)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Detailed Genealogical Tree
Significant Cats
Mate(s) :
Mentor(s) :
Apprentice(s) :
Mintaka (A stocky, shorthaired she-cat with brown ticked tabby fur and white markings)
Others :
Player's Notes
General :
Body Statistics:
- 18" at the shoulder
- 46" long from nose to tip of tail
- 12" long tail
- 28" long from chest to rump

Information gained from Swiftsparrow (Drusilla)

-Basic knowledge of clan-field medicine
-Terrain and prey of the clans
-Basic clan knowledge; leaders, medicine cats, members

Information gained from Sleekstar

-Advanced knowledge of Starclan and medicine Cats
-Advanced knowledge of Leaders
-Advanced knowledge of Traditions and Norms of the Clans
-Advanced knowledge of Clan Numbers
-Meanings behind Warrior Code
  • Cabal founded sometime around Long Sun 2008
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About Caligula
By Caligula: Zane - Drusilla -
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Name Notes :
Name History investigation is required for Caligula
Special Forms: Full Edit, Adoption
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